The Sharon Gans Cult was founded in San Francisco in the 70’s by the late Alex Horn and his wife Sharon Gans. For decades it has been secretly operating in New York City and Boston. It is known by several different names which are listed in a side-column blurb (“Ganscult Aliases”). Gans and her second, Robert Klein, are dangerous con-artists who claim to be "spiritual teachers." This cult is alleged to have been involved in sexual abuse,child abuse, physical and emotional abuse, arranged marriages and adoptions, slave labor, bilking of members' money and life savings.

This blog provides information for current members and others. It also provides a forum through comments and submissions. The posts are organized in reverse chronological order and can be easily located through the table of contents on the side-column as well as searched through the search tool in the side-column.

Monday, March 23, 2020

School Is An Essential Service

I have it on good information that classes are continuing albeit in slightly different format. (Not in person.) Disasters and the like are perfect times for cults. Here’s an example of the mindset. Enjoy this video.

I have a suspicion that some people will not return when classes resume. They will find that having those 2 nights to do other things -- like read, relax, sleep, not be brow-beaten, not bored, not gas-lighted -- is great and freeing. 

Saturday, February 22, 2020


We asked Sharon, "How would you describe your School?" Here was her response:

Sunday, February 16, 2020


The arrest of the Sarah Lawrence Students Cult was in the papers this week. 
Former and current members, do the bolded instances from the indictment sound familiar to you and your experience? 

"From in or about 2010 through the present, LAWRENCE RAY, a/k/a “Lawrence Grecco,” the defendant, subjected a group of college students and other victims to sexual and psychological manipulation and physical abuse.  RAY’s tactics included sleep deprivation, psychological and sexual humiliation, verbal abuse, threats of physical violence, physical violence, threats of criminal legal action, alienating the victims from their families, and exploiting the victims’ mental health vulnerabilities. 
Through this manipulation and abuse, RAY extracted false confessions from the victims to causing purported damages to RAY and his family and associates, and then extorted payment for those purported damages through several means.  The victims made payments to RAY by draining their parents’ savings, opening credit lines, soliciting contributions from acquaintances, selling real estate ownership, and at RAY’s direction, performing unpaid labor for RAY and earning money through prostitution. 
In addition, as alleged, RAY forced three female victims to perform unpaid labor on a family member’s property in North Carolina.  Through a course of psychological and physical abuse, RAY forced these three victims to do extensive physical labor, sometimes in the middle of the night, for no pay."

Sunday, February 2, 2020


Sharon Gans had a problem. She was a washed up actress at age 40. Married to a NY dentist and with two kids, she was in a rut. So when she met a charismatic Californian named Alex Horn who lived on a Sonoma ranch and was a spiritual teacher and playwright she was swept off her feet.  Alex was 55. So they got quickie divorces and ran away together, moving into a house in San Francisco.

Although they were soulmates, love wasnt gonna pay the bills. They needed a plan. And they needed something to satisfy the mental illness they both shared - i.e., narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). They each had exaggerated feelings of self-importance, outsized needs for admiration, and a complete lack of empathy toward other people. So instead of spending their time just thinking about achieving power and success, they did something about it - they opened a cult. They made a small fortune. And they were the center of attention. But when the San Francisco papers did an expose alleging they were an abusive cult they quickly skipped town. 

They resurfaced in New York, reinvented as teachers of an “esoteric school” of the “Fourth Way.” On the QT, they recruited upper middle class New Yorkers to attend secret classes where ancient hidden knowledge would be revealed. Within a couple of years they had hundreds of members and piles of cash. Rom-Con recounts all the crazy hijinks of Gans and Horn: how they gaslighted everyone into thinking that they had some hidden wisdom; how they persuaded intelligent people to do crazy things (arranged marriages, forced adoptions, gay conversion, forced labor) and think they were doing good things. 

A Few Things In No Particular Order

"Where are your older posts?," asked someone who is thinking about producing a documentary about Sharon Gans. I started this blog on January 1, 2016. I've had tens of thousands of hits and hundreds of regular readers: current and former members of School, the curious, lawyers, publishers, winners, losers, movie people, and even several folks who left School after finding this blog. I decided to "revert to draft" the older posts because I wanted to. But I will be re-posting some of them shortly and will try to write more often. I've been busy with my book. Its coming out pretty darn good and Im doing the best I can.

"Are they coming after you?" asked a friend about the "fall-out" from the NY Post article. I have not heard a peep from Sharon or Robert and anyone. "She is a monster," posted a friend on Facebook. Nothing but support and love from friends and strangers. Tell me about what your friends say to you when you tell them about School.

I had dinner with 3 survivors. How wonderful to see these people living their lives happy, free and self-determined. The best part is spending time not working on each other. Its a kinship and bond that only survivors can understand.

Molly Dektar is the author of The Ash Family, about a young woman who joins and "an off-the-grid community headed by an enigmatic leader, [who] discovers that belonging comes with a deadly cost, in this lush and searing debut novel." Here's an  article called "A Cult Can Be You and Your Weird Charismatic Friend: How Cult Logic Appears in Businesses, Families, Political Movements, Friendships."

Finally, what do you think of this swim suit for me? Would it make my ass look big?

Friday, January 17, 2020

The Real Queen

Check out this website. You all know about Queen Esther in the Bible? She was the one who married a gentile King and he saves the Jews, etc. Good story. Anyway, Esther in Boston is like that Queen . . . saving lots of souls from the devils like Sharon and Bob Klein. Hopefully 2020 will see more attrition and despair for the leaders and promoters of School. And only good for the survivors . . . 

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Minerva Taylor's Niece

(This is a re-post)

Here's a submission we received from Minerva Taylor's niece. For those in the cult who are told by Sharon to do things which alienate family and friends, this is an insight on how your loved ones feel - perplexed, pained, grieving. Sharon is responsible for this misery, and so are you. I know first hand what it is like to have family shun you as a result of Sharon's insanity. 

Ugh. First, I appreciate your blog. Reading this is like a knife through my heart. I am Minerva's niece, with whom, along with my parents and my brother, she "dumped" in 2006. We have all tried to "forget" her, as she commanded we do in a series of horribly hurtful letters, but in the end, it's impossible to give up on someone who you love so dearly and who meant so much to you. Everything that you have written is true, and it's not even scratching the surface. I dreamed about her last night, and did a Google search, and thus found this blog and had my heart broken all over again. I wish you could've seen how kind and beautiful, loving and wonderful she used to be. We were an exceptionally close, loving, fun family. For decades we teased her about how private and "mysterious" she was. My parents came to her rescue so many times when she would try to escape from Sharon (which of course we didn't know at the time, but pieced together long after the fact), as in the time when I was a child and woke up to find that she and my three cousins were suddenly living with us in Sacramento, having ridden all night on a Greyhound bus from New Jersey, escaping in the middle of the night from Greg, the father of my cousins, bringing along all of their worldly possessions in a beat up cardboard box. My father helped her put her life back together, cosigning for her on a house, a car, and business...things he was delighted to do for her, because he adored her. Then one day, she packed her kids up and left everything, even her dog, dumping all of her financial responsibilities on my parents, and moved quite suddenly back to NYC. We just took it in stride and chalked it up to her being "mysterious." We loved her, and didn't want to believe that anything sinister was fueling all of the unexplainable weirdness. Over the years, she suddenly had this very successful business and a gorgeous house in he Hamptons - how? We chalked it up to her being smart and savvy. She married Fred, and we became exceptionally close to his three kids, who are wonderful people. We remained very close, and she would always skirt questions about the details of her life until the Internet made it so that she could no longer deny them. At my cousin's wedding, Sharon and Alex were present, and they were treated like royalty, to the point that we were all like, "okayyyy. This is beyond really weird...we've GOT to figure out what the hell is going on." After that, my brother, who was living in NYC and had by that point pretty much figured it out, confronted her about it. She immediately disowned him, and then wrote my parents a 10 page letter telling them what horrible people they were. She wrote me a letter telling me that I was "ungrateful" because I hadn't written her a thank you note for a book she had sent to my newborn son. Just like that, my loving, beautiful aunt dropped us from her life like a hot rock. You would not believe the cruel and hurtful things she wrote to my father, who remains completely devastated over the loss of his sister. For me, she was my everything - my beautiful hippie aunt who taught me about the Mahabarata and the Beatles, the mother to my cousins who I still to this day love and miss as much I could love and miss anyone. She has left us in an unending state of mourning, and so confused as to what in the world we could've ever done to her to deserve such vitriol and outright hatred.

One thing I want to say, and that I would say to HER given the opportunity, is that if you want to do this with your life, fine. Clearly we can't stop you. But understand that you have destroyed many lives, and for WHAT?  You are responsible for an inordinate amount of pain. And there's no philosophizing it away: YOU are SOLELY responsible. 1) She STOLE my relationship with my cousins, who even as adults are so conflicted about all of this and feel such loyalty to her that we no longer speak - utterly devastating - I want my relationship with them back. 2) She DESTROYED her family, stealing a full-blooded sister away from my three cousins. Side note on that: I have no doubt that she was absolutely commanded to that against her will. She hired private detectives to find this girl, my cousin, and take pictures of her on the school playground and give her constant updates on her life. 3) She nearly killed my father, who loved her so fiercely, by cutting him off - cutting us all off - and BLAMING IT ON US in the most horrible, hurtful manner you can imagine. Thank god my grandparents aren't alive to see what she has done and the pain she has caused my family. If anyone has ANY doubt as to the power of this group, I hope that I have given you a sliver of proof. Powerful enough to make a person from the most awesome, loving family you can ever imagine not give two shits about completely destroying the lives of their own children and their exceptionally loving immediate family. We will never get over the pain. We will never stop hoping. I know that beautiful woman is still inside somewhere. I will never stop thinking that she will come back to us.

Sorry for the length of this, but I get the feeling you'll forgive my lack of brevity. Thank you for all that you have done to expose these people.