The Sharon Gans Cult was founded in San Francisco in the 70’s by the late Alex Horn and his wife Sharon Gans. For decades it has been secretly operating in New York City and Boston. It is known by several different names which are listed in a side-column blurb (“Ganscult Aliases”). Gans and her second, Robert Klein, are dangerous con-artists who claim to be "spiritual teachers." This cult is alleged to have been involved in sexual abuse,child abuse, physical and emotional abuse, arranged marriages and adoptions, slave labor, bilking of members' money and life savings.

This blog provides information for current members and others. It also provides a forum through comments and submissions. The posts are organized in reverse chronological order and can be easily located through the table of contents on the side-column as well as searched through the search tool in the side-column.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

A Few Things In No Particular Order

"Where are your older posts?," asked someone who is thinking about producing a documentary about Sharon Gans. I started this blog on January 1, 2016. I've had tens of thousands of hits and hundreds of regular readers: current and former members of School, the curious, lawyers, publishers, winners, losers, movie people, and even several folks who left School after finding this blog. I decided to "revert to draft" the older posts because I wanted to. But I will be re-posting some of them shortly and will try to write more often. I've been busy with my book. Its coming out pretty darn good and Im doing the best I can.

"Are they coming after you?" asked a friend about the "fall-out" from the NY Post article. I have not heard a peep from Sharon or Robert and anyone. "She is a monster," posted a friend on Facebook. Nothing but support and love from friends and strangers. Tell me about what your friends say to you when you tell them about School.

I had dinner with 3 survivors. How wonderful to see these people living their lives happy, free and self-determined. The best part is spending time not working on each other. Its a kinship and bond that only survivors can understand.

Molly Dektar is the author of The Ash Family, about a young woman who joins and "an off-the-grid community headed by an enigmatic leader, [who] discovers that belonging comes with a deadly cost, in this lush and searing debut novel." Here's an  article called "A Cult Can Be You and Your Weird Charismatic Friend: How Cult Logic Appears in Businesses, Families, Political Movements, Friendships."

Finally, what do you think of this swim suit for me? Would it make my ass look big?

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